So this month I will be working on new covers for books 1+2 of Off*beat.  They will be reprinted with my new publishing company and match the layout, logo ect of the eventual book 3.  I would like to add some extra content, and my publishers have agreed to possibly adding a limited copy insert as well.

I’d like to know what the patient, patient, (bless your souls ;_;) patient readers of Off*beat would be interested in seeing as added content and a possible limited insert. 

I was thinking for added content perhaps more little funny strips, kind of omake? style. Or sharing some of my photography and talking a bit more of actual locations in NYC that heavily inspired the setting.

For limited inserts, I was thinking of perhaps a post card, bookmark, or stickers.

If you have any thoughts on this, please let me know.  Thanks!

And I will have more updates in the months to come :)

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    More Off*Beat coming from the prolific Jen Lee Quick!
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    BLESS I’VE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR THIS TO HAPPEN I’M SO HAPPY RN audhjdfhliusdjk i think it’d be really cool to hear...
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  7. sammithehuman said: Anything you do will be perfect! But I would love to see some more of the awkward tension between Tory and Colin, maybe some awkward flirting, anything awkward really. I dont know if I’ll be able to buy them since I already have them, but I will try!
  8. egglorru said: You definitely need a strip of the cast poking fun at the fact that they’re all stuck at the ages they’re at since Tokyopop forced them to hiatus.
  9. augustaugustine said: personally I’d really love any early sketches of the characters, maybe a story of how off*beat came to be, etc… sketches and photos of the actual locations would be really awesome too!
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    dfkjghafldhjsfhdfkhdlshj now i got to buy 1 and 2 again :U but im sooooooooo exited
  11. bellhasabat said: I would love to see any early designs and sketches of the characters, authors notes, scrapped storylines, anything like that! Seeing behind the scenes stuff would be really cool! Also, I’m super excited to hear more news on Off*Beat coming back!
  12. pelollipop said: just… a third volume… please ;____; do you know more or less the time frame of each book release?
  13. schumie said: As a Queens resident, I’d be interested in the locations that inspired the setting. But maybe that’s just because I’m a New Yorker. I’d also be interested in more info about Tory’s mom or Paul.
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    Stickers is a fun idea! And I recommend the omake style funny strips over photography >_> Maybe a text explaining where...
  15. unitologistenthusiast said: As long as I can get a decent release of this underrated manga I’m cool! ^o ^
  16. theantitheticalchiasm said: oh man, this has me super excited~ both added content options sound great!! i can’t really pick between them~ i think for inserts, stickers would be especially fun!! i’ll look forward to hearing more about it in the future~ <3
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    oh my god this is fantastic news to hear on my birthday Would definitely love any new content! For add-ons, the omakes...
  18. to-be-a-hiccup said: STICKERS AND A BOOKMARK WOULD BE WONDERFRUL, YES. As for the added content: I think adding information about the location would be rather interesting. That, or funny strips. Whichever you want to do in the end, I think most fans will be okay with.
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