Oh yeah and Today my online comic Witch’s Quarry is on page 32.

Today has been an off morning.  For starters I have been staying up later, so for the last couple mornings, I’ve been sleeping in until 5:00am.  Which is good.  I’m back up to 6-7 hours.  However, I have not been able to string a complete thought together, let alone type script or layout pages.  It’s now 9:00pm and I am several hours behind what I planned on accomplishing.  It frustrates me to no end.

Why does life have so many interruptions.  Don’t want to hang out for meals?  Don’t want to answer the phone?  Don’t want to want to turn around every 5 minutes and take off your headphones to watch whatever nonsensical piece of youtube shit that’s showcased on ebaums world?  I guess I’m an terrible, selfish anti-social person.

I want to get shit done.  So my lack of patience for distractions makes me an “unfun” person to be around.  I want to apologize to the people in my life.  I do love and care about you all.  It’s just that a happy, balanced, normal life and working on comics do not simultaneously exist in my world.  How the fuck do people have so much time to socialize daily?  I mean I know it only takes a moment to call, write, whatever but dude…That’s a whole moment of complete and utter distraction.  Do you know how long it takes get fully back to where I was in my head?  It adds up quickly to a whole lot of ARRRGH!! Shooo!

I wish my drawing space was like Colin’s apartment.  I’d totally draw him in a frilly apron if it means he could magically clean my house for me.

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