QuestionWhere can I read off*beat? Answer

hi there!

you can read the newest installments of off*beat 3 at sparklermonthly! thank you so much!

Just reminder that today Off*beat chapter 14 goes live for subscribers, and will be available for a limited time for free on Monday!  I worked my very sore lil postpartum butt off to get it finished up, so I hope you all like it XD!  Ack, I’m still so nervous for the reception of book 3~!  Check it out on Sparkler Monthly!

Also Witch’s Quarry is about to start Chapter 11!  Updating Weekly at mangamagazine and smackjeeves!

Thanks Again so much~ <3<3<3<3

Just posting to let you all know I’m still alive!

gave birth to a healthy baby boy August 23rd.

Finally getting a moment to scan pages and attempt to catch up on some of my favorite websites!

It looks like the smackjeeves voting has gone up and they are showcases the online comics in three waves.  Lots of interesting and good comics to take a look at!  Witch’s Quarry got a new nominations as well so I believe it will be up for the next round of voting.  If you’re bored and looking for some interesting webcomics, I highly recommend taking a lil look around.  Lots of hard work went into these comics that made the cut!  The set up is a bit different so also check out the thread about voting.

SmackJeeve Awards

And here’s a pic of the little Charles.  He’s still kicking and punching me at every opportunity XD

First issue of sparkler monthly is up!  which means finally chapter 13 is available and totally free to read! Hope you guys like it :3 Be sure to catch it while it’s up!  And thanks so much! <3

….the off*beat kickstarter is officially up!  Thanks so much for the kind words of support~!


get a  sneak peak at the new covers, logos and stuff!

edit- dur. I forgot to link it…

On April 1st, there’s going to be a hidden link (egg) in the Witch’s Quarry pages on
If you win, you get a free month’s subscription to! no strings attached or credit card info needed!
Read the most current pages of book 2 chapter 10 and get 4-5 page a week updates exclusive to subscribers!

Happy Holiday and hunting!

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QuestionHello! Do you know if Chromatic Press is releasing volumes 1 and 2 separately or in an omnibus edition? Thank you! Answer

They will be printed as separate, individual books.  Thanks for the inquiry!

QuestionDo a special collected edition of hot steamyness!! got my copies for way to cheap and I like to support this properly. Also be aware I (like many) can't do the kickstarters. So please place an extra money bin or have a post-kickstart pre-order. You know i'm cool because I want moar of you crafts. Answer

A very good point well taken!  I’m sure that things will be available through Chromatic but I will pass this on this concern to my publisher.  I appreciate the willingness to support my works ;_; bless you! <3

Okay so I’ve pretty much given up gaming since I came back to comics.  I just didn’t have the time for the usual RPG dungeon crawler stuffs I tend to gravitate towards.  Well I found a new perfect fix for a few minutes everyday on my iphone.  Puzzle and Dragons !! It’s like Pokemon meets Magical Drop  has very limited stamina that you can use to play for short periods of time so it keeps me in check.  I still remember the day I totally skipped classes playing Magical Drop F with Becky Cloonan in college.  We were beasts at that game.  Too bad no one else ever played it before and would get totally stomped by us in a matter of seconds even when using The Fool.  Computer ai needed to be way harder too!

Enough early morning obscure video game nostalgia from a hormonal insomniac!  Here’s Colin to match that Tory I posted earlier :P

QuestionI've been waiting for Off*beat 3 since 2 came out, and I had a question. Would it be possible to release a special box set of all 3 for us die hard fans when it comes out? I'd totally get it, as my 1 and 2 are getting a bit worn out. ;) Answer

A box set sounds lovely!  I don’t know of any plans for that, but I’ll bring it up with my publishers.  We are planning on having covers that match nicely, some extra content and some bookmarks, buttons and poster for a kickstarter as well as some other rewards.  Sorry I don’t have any better answers at this time, but I do really appreciate the support!